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Level up your next event with scavenger hunt mobile app. Have fun while completing game tasks and create unforgettable memories.

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The game for your event

EventBattle platform is for any group of people, who want to have fun together. Let people beat each other by completing game tasks. Players will interact with the game though mobile app available for both iOS and Android phones.

You can create your own game on EventBattle website. The game can be personalize to your event with many customizations such as custom tasks definition or branding the app to your company identity.


Tasks presets

You don't have to start form scratch while creating the game, because you can use one of presets giving you a set of default game tasks. Of course tasks are fully customizable, thus you can modify them to your needs.


Bring your employees together.

Event and parties

Make the ultimate party game.


Make studying interesting.


Create your own tasks.


Prepare scavenger hunt game within 15 minutes

It takes only a few clicks on this website to create your own game. You can personalize it by naming the event and optionally by defining a game description with a logo. Once you finish the setup, you will get an game code, which players will use to access the game.

Create game

Tasks configurator

Tasks play a fundamental role in scavenger hunts. Tasks definition is part of game creation process on the website. Each task contains text description of what to do, reward (points) and optionally some restrictions. You can start with game presets and edit it to your exact needs.


Explore the app

Try our demo game and explore the mobile app interface.


Play demo game

The demo game lets you explore the EventBattle mobile app.

  • Download the app from the store
  • Click on the More info button
  • Click on the Start demo game button
  • 👍 Enjoy discovering

The tasks here are exemplary. When you create your own game, you can customize tasks in the web administration.