✅ You can try EventBattle without any risk!

Game with up to 3 players are for free. It is ideal for testing before real game. You can sign in and create new game in web configurator.

But note! We are currently in beta. 🎁 All game plans are completely for free during beta!

You can install EventBattle on most smartphones with Android 5.0 and newer, which has Google Play.

If you have Huawei, you can download the app from the AppGallery.

EventBattle is also available on Apple iPhones with iOS 11 and newer.

Web configurator is designed for complete game configuration. You can name your game, upload logo, setup tasks and much more. After game ends, you can request data export and get leaderboard results.

In web configurator you can mark any player as "admin".

As admin you can delete all posts in game using mobile app. When admin see cheating, he can stop it.