Can I change tasks during game?

Can I change tasks during game?

Yes, you can edit tasks at any time, even during the game.

You have two options.

1) Share game code (4 characters), which is available in game detail

Game code

2) Share QR code, which is also available in game detail

QR game code

You can also print or share PDF with detailed tutorial.
Players can enter the game code or QR code after launching the application.

PDF tutorial

Setting, when the game will take place, is a necessary step before publishing the game. Maximum game duration is based on game plan, which you can also change.

Game duration

In every game there is Total leaderboard, which contains ranking for whole game. Optionally you can enable "Ranking per days", which enables detailed ranking per day.

This option you can enable in web configurator before your game starts. When this option is enabled, we recommend to modify another configurable option - when game day ends.

Ranking per days

This is very useful thing. Imagine you're running an event that ends late at night. It is practical to say, that each completed task up to x-hours in the morning will be counted towards the previous day. This option you can modify in web configurator before your game starts.

Game day ends

You can preview your tasks anytime in web configurator.

When you publish the game, you can join the game in the mobile application and preview whole game, even if game is not running yet.

Play demo game

The demo game lets you explore the EventBattle mobile app.

  • Download the app from the store
  • Click on the More info button
  • Click on the Start demo game button
  • 👍 Enjoy discovering

The tasks here are exemplary. When you create your own game, you can customize tasks in the web administration.