What is the best for player's motivation?

  1. Sign in into web configurator.
  1. You will be redirected to New game wizard .
    New game wizard
  1. Fill in game name, support e-mail and optionally other fields.
  1. Choose tasks preset, that is close to your game idea. Or choose "build your own".
  1. Customize tasks and create new. Don't worry, later you can also edit tasks.
  1. You can configure additional few details. At the end set game start and end.
    Create new game
  1. Finally, hit on Publish button.
    Publish the game
  1. Now you are able to sign in into game in mobile app. You will need game code or QR code, which is displayed in web configurator.
    Game code, tutorial
What is the best for player's motivation?

If you are organizing an event game, you should strive for engagement of all players in the game, so everybody can enjoy the experience. People should be well informed about the game and its rules. It is always a good idea to organize an introduction briefing at the beginning of the event and get everyone familiar with the game.

There are many ways how you can boost the motivation of players. Make sure you have tailored the tasks to your event, so player will have fun when completing tasks. You can also further incite the motivation by offering a pricelist.

You can upload your game or company logo while creating the game .

App branding

After creating the game, you still have the option to change the logo, even if the game is already running. Go to "My games " and select game for display detail page.

App branding

Pricelist can be a good way of motivating player to engage with the game. We recommend to base the pricelist on the leaderboard, which is accessible to all player during the game. You can make a big announcement of the winners at the end of the event during which you hand over the prices.

You can use predefined set of tasks - presets, to speed up the process of creating tasks. Tasks presets are available within game creation process.

Presets in wizard

The task preparation process itself is also available as part of the game creation process. Don't worry, it is not necessary to have a final set of tasks when creating the game.

Task editor

You can edit tasks at any time, even during the game.

Edit tasks in running game

Try to think outside the box when you are defining the tasks for your game. Player will be more engaged in the game when you make your tasks more unique and interesting. For example a task "Do 5 push-ups" is nice, but it may be more motivating for players if you make your tasks more complex, utilize the environment and interaction with other players.

🎭 Masks, hats and custom clothes

Masks, hats and any other custom clothes are really good for engaging people with the game. Tasks with physical wearables should define minimum time the person is required to wear the item. These tasks can be also combined with some special abilities, so for example personal completing the policeman task is required to wear the policeman hat during this time.

✨ Special abilities

Special ability tasks area tasks giving players some ability for limited amount of time. The task should specify the requirements for successful completion. A good example of such a task would be the policeman. The job of policeman is to watch for any alcohol consumption at the event. When the policeman sees someone drinking alcohol, he/she can stop them. For successful completion of the task policeman needs to catch at least 5 people within 30 minutes.

👎 Special "punishing" or "rewarding" tasks

A task can have positive or negative amount of points. This means you can create "punishing" tasks with negative points to suppress unwanted behavior. The player needs to mark the punishing task as completed himself, thus basic principals of fair play need to be applied.

Tasks with negative points can be also used to facilitate a game store transactions. For example you can have an event t-shirt available for the players. When a player wants to buy the t-shirt with game points, he/she can mark the t-shirt task as completed.

Preset is a bundle of predefined game tasks. We have prepared many presets for all kinds of events (parties, teambuildings, etc.). Preset gives you a good starting point when you are defining tasks, but you are allowed tailer it for your game by tasks by adding/removing/editing any task.

Play demo game

The demo game lets you explore the EventBattle mobile app.

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  • 👍 Enjoy discovering

The tasks here are exemplary. When you create your own game, you can customize tasks in the web administration.